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Team Guidance

Guidance Requests

Guidance now has a google classroom entitled "Bellview Guidance." 

The link to our guidance request forms is located on that page.

We are asking to please have your students join the "Bellview Guidance" classroom using the code i4nk2nj.

This really is a convenient way for students to request a visit to guidance.

Soon as they fill out a request, we receive a notification and call the student in when we are able to.

If it is an emergency, please contact:

Jan Robbins at ext. 410033 

Gail O'Neil at ext. 410032

Ms. Futral at ext. 410030 or Ms Losey at ext. 410031. 


Nickerson, Tracey

Ext. 410304

R.T.I./M.T.S.S. Coordinator

Team Guidance

Futral, Alma - Guidance Sec.

 Robbins, Jan  - Counselor

Losey, Letha - Admin clerk

O'Neal, Gail   - Counselor

Swanson, Sharnell - Counselor                                    

Requesting School Counseling

The Student Services  Department is excited to announce beginning November 9th that we will finally be launching the District-Wide School Counselor Request form which will provide easy and equal access to the services provided by our school counselors.  

Please click on one of the following links to obtain the procedures for requesting school counseling:

How To: Request School Counseling for Students

How To: Request School Counseling for Parents



Our guidance team's primary responsibility is to support and promote the academic, personal, social, and career/vocational development of our middle school students.  The counseling program at Bellview Middle School is centered around this knowledge and is based on the developmental needs of the students that we serve.  we are excited about working with and serving our students in this capacity and beyond.  We are also looking forward to working with the families of our students, the BMS faculty and staff, and the surrounding community, as we strive for excellence, together, for years to come.

Students + Parents + Educators (Working Together) = SUCCESS


Sanni, Latana

Ext. 410006

School Data Specialist II